Sunnier Palms Nudist Park

and Campground



Membership is not required to visit Sunnier Palms.

However, if you plan to visit with any frequency, membership does have its benefits. 

How do I become a Sunnier member?

It begins with the Initial application.

Applicants must

  • Visit Sunnier 6 separate times in 90 days or 14 days of camping
  • Display some visible volunteerism
  • Meet with a member of the Management Committee for an orientation to review the Bylaws, Agreements and Policies and agree to abide by them
  • Show that you have upheld the Bylaws, Agreements and Policies of Sunnier Palms
  • Enlist the sponsorship of 2 Resident General members willing to befriend, discuss and guide in the concepts and practices of Sunnier Palms
  • Pass a background check


Initial Application

Since Sunnier Palms is a co-op park, many areas of the park are maintained and managed by the members. Volunteering is very important.

Your Sponsors will guide you through the application process. Once your application to be a Sunnier member is approved at a Management meeting, you will be on probation for one year. At the end of that year, you must apply for General Membership.

All classes of members enjoy free 24 hours, 7 days per week use of the Park's recreational areas and member rates for camping and RV hook-ups as set by the board.  Also included is a reduced rate for the storage lot.

All current documents are located in the office.

8800 Okeechobee Road, Fort Pierce Florida 34945

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