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 Species At Sunnier Palms

Sunnier Palms-From Western Canal

Swallowtail Nectaring/Hibiscus
Thank You Barry! 

 Sunnier Palms surrounded by canals and citrus groves. It is a perfect place to delight the senses; to feel the warm breeze caress your naked body as a mother caresses a new born baby; to catch the fragrance of the citrus blossoms and the honey scented palm blossoms. We are chronicleing Selected Species.  Please enjoy our findings.

Adjacent to the large agricultural area, a few of the wildlife you might encounter include:  bobcat, great horned owl, Pileated Woodpecker, gopher tortoises, many species of butterfly, a variety of spiders, and reptiles.  Birds, birds, and more birds are found in abundant variety. 

Please visit our agricultural areas  where you may see sun beams dance over the strings of the spider's web, where you can stroll in solitude and fully experience natures true gifts---naturally!  Sunnier offers to all the opportunity to take a deep breath of life and view the respect appreciated for the total freedom of nudity.

Please Take A Tour Of Sunnier Palms Nature Gallery & View Selected Species You May See.
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A Featured Species--
A Fresh Sprig !

The above picture is Similax ssp (Cathier)/Sunnier common name " Wild Asparagus".  Biologist David Southall taught many of us at Sunnier to idenity the tender new shoots and then enjoy raw or even better satuteed in butter.  The root of this vine is difficult to dig-up, which makes maintaining it difficult, however the reward of digging up an intact root, about the size of a fist, is great carving material.  For a short time just after it's harvested the root consistency is that of soap and easily carved.  By the next day, carved or not, the root is hard as a rock.  bon appetit. TA

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